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Surveillance Cameras

It is a camera system to transmit images for monitoring over long and short distances in order to ensure the safety of installations and buildings inside and outside.

Types of surveillance camera systems
Cameras transmit the captured signal in two ways, each with advantages and disadvantages. In our choice of type we depend on the conditions of the place, the conditions of work of the camera, the distance from which the signal is transmitted and the quality of the image to be taken

AP Camera: It is a camera used to monitor some places using the Internet to transmit video that is encrypted.
Wired system (cable system): It is a camera connected to wires and cables, for this type defects, including the inability to extend the cable to all areas and the freedom to choose the place of installation with the difficulty of moving cameras later.
Wireless system: It is a surveillance camera without using wires or cables that use Wi-Fi technology (this type is installed without the use of cables via the wireless router network and is monitored via the Internet and viewed from the smart phone, the ability to record on the computer with the night vision infrared)
Hidden: It is an invisible camera for espionage or garrison purposes without notification of targets.
External: are the surveillance cameras that are used in open areas and places.
Interior: These are the cameras that are installed and used in closed, uncovered areas inside the buildings.
Moving: They are mobile cameras, they work in all directions.