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Due to our belief in the importance of safety and our goal of providing the best services, we have attracted an elite of engineers and technicians who have long experience in the field of safety under the management and supervision of qualified national cadres.
Rapid Innovation Group for Security and Safety is an institution working in the field of alarm systems, fire extinguishers, surveillance cameras, and security devices of all kinds, and licensed by the official authorities (Ministry of Interior –
Civil Defense – Ministry of Trade) to practice security and safety activities approved by Civil Defense


Our vision

To be the authorized partner for security systems and internal networks business with local companies and institutions and to enhance the success of our customers by providing them with a world class level, whether in design or installation, that meets their needs to the fullest.

Our services

We design networks and strategies for monitoring and insurance with a well-thought-out scientific system and provide all engineering consultancy related to light current system, security devices and communication systems

Our experiences

We have an advanced team that includes a group of engineers and technicians in customer service and put all their expertise in the hands of the customer in all safe and technical fields.