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Rapid Creativity Group The elevator sector with a selection of engineers and technicians with experience in the field of elevators, projects and maintenance for all types of elevators, according to the wishes of customers, and in accordance with international standards for elevator companies, providing speed, quality and reliability.

We in Rapid Creativity Group, the elevator sector, are fully aware of the rapid development in all fields, and we work in the group with a team spirit to reach customer satisfaction by working with the highest quality

Our vision

We strive to be the best and optimal choice for our customers in the field of elevators and that our branches extend beyond the borders of the local market to reach all markets of the Middle East and the world.


Rapid Creativity Group gives its customers a three-year warranty on all types of elevators and escalators that it provides to its customers, against manufacturing defects and installation defects.

After-sales service

We, Rapid Creativity Group, elevator sector, do periodic maintenance by specialized technicians with the highest degree of skill and speed, under the supervision of engineers with a high degree of specialization and efficiency in maintenance work.